Christiqueclothing is a re-emerging ethical fashion brand ,Caribbean based with Global appeal ,our designs are eco friendly and sustainablity is a key factor in our collections We are very much concerned about climate change and how we as designers can make an impact,by encouraging our clients to choose garments that are made from natural fibers considering recycling and re-styling hardly used items.

And though the issues are serious, our garments are by no means bland,they are cool, flowy, silhouettes,emboding the uniqueness, passionate , vibrancy of the caribbean citizen in
warm ,cool or blended caribbean colors and unisex designs that are multipurpurposed.We offer custom made services as well ,so if our collections doesn’t include your desire we can have it tailor made in the shortest possible time
Our studios are presently is located in the quiet but economically bustling town of curepe in east Trinidad and Tobago

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